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Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs TNF 2nd half open thread

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs started out with the ball at the 20 in this one. The Raiders stopped them right off the bat with a 3 and out. The 3rd down stop was a beautiful open field tackle on Jamaal Charles by Charles Woodson. Unfortunately the Raiders only managed one first down before having to punt the ball back to Kansas City.

Once again the defense was up to the challenge though and held the Chiefs to another three and out, 2 in a row to start the game. This time the Raiders would not be denied. Derek Carr moved the ball consistently down the field with excellent awareness and pocket presence, and the kicker was a TD run by Latavius Murray to make it 7-0 DA Raidahzzz.

The Chiefs were finally able to get into a rhythm on offense and start driving. The defense still was able to force a punt eventually anyway with a beastly tackle by D.J. Hayden. The Raiders couldn't do anything with the ball this time though and quickly punted the ball back.

This time the Chiefs managed to get deep into Raiders territory but then the wheels fell off for them. They ended up with a holding call and some really solid defense. They missed their 3rd and 29 pass attempt and had to punt after seemingly being assured of at least a field goal only moments earlier.

The punt pinned the Raiders deep but have no fear, Latavius Murray is here! One play, 90 yard touchdown run! Yeah, safe to say they probably should have started playing Murray earlier. The longest run of the season by far made the score 14-0 Raiders.

Once again the Raiders the Chiefs drove to midfield before being stopped. This time the Raiders screwed up though and muffed the punt. It was recovered by the Chiefs inside the Raiders 10 yard line. The defense was still playing lights out though and forced another three and out to force a field goal.

The Raiders offense couldn't do anything with it this time, they came up just short of a first down thou gb . They punted the ball and the Chief inexplicably fielded the ball deep in his own territory. He ended up running backwards forcing the Chiefs to start inside their own 5 yard line.

They didn't go anywhere with it and punted back to the Raiders with just under 2 minutes to go, but a terrible running into the kicker gave the Chiefs a first down. The defense still stopped them all over again anyway and forced another punt, though this one was with just 45 seconds left. The Raiders didn't do anything with the ball before the clock struck zero.

At halftime the Raiders have the lead, 14-0.