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Know the Enemy Daily Links 11/25: Reactions to news of Eric Berry's possible lymphoma

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AFC West


Dolphins at Broncos: The No Bull Review - Mile High Report

Sadaraine analyzes the Broncos taking on the Dolphins in a shoot-out in front of their home crowd.

I recently created quite the controversy by stating the Peyton Manning was "off" in his victory over the Miami Dolphins. However, I consider that the ultimate compliment and hopeful evolution of one Mr. Peyton Manning.

San Diego's safety makes the play of the game and keeps the Chargers in playoff contention.

A job usually handled by MLBs around the league, Chargers free safety Eric Weddle has worn the green dot on his helmet the past two games.

The Chiefs family took a major blow with the news of Eric Berry's medical situation on Monday. Now, it's time the fans rise up and support him in this time of great need.

Reactions from around the league to Eric Berry's season ending.


Highlights are mounting and records falling as first-year stars continue to shine. (MAK: Seriously, this wide receiver class is absolutely amazing. Rivals the '83 QB draft class as one of the best individual position drafts of all time)

Team-by-team grades from Week 12 for every NFL team.