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Raiders no longer control their own destiny for number one overall pick

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

That's all it took. One win. Even after starting 0-10 and having lost 16-straight, one win over the Chiefs last Thursday Night and the Raiders are no longer in line for the number one pick -- The Jaguars own it now.

Both teams are now 1-10 on the season, but the Raiders strength of schedule is higher, so should both teams lose out the final five games, the Jaguars would most likely get the number one overall pick with the Raiders getting the number two pick.

No team in the NFL currently holds a higher strength of schedule than the Raiders (.612). And unless their opponents from this season suddenly start going in the tank, it will remain so. They have just one losing team left on the schedule -- the Rams, who they play this week. The Jaguars SOS is quite a bit lower at .574.

This also means if the Raiders win again, they would drop all the way to the fifth overall pick, which is where they picked last season with four wins. That is, of course, unless the Buccaneers, Titans, and/or Jets can muster up a win over the final five games.

The interesting thing here is the Raiders could end up watching the Jaguars vs Titans in week 16 very closely. Depending on where the Raiders sit in the draft order at that point, that game could certainly factor into where they pick.