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Failed free agent signee Rodger Saffold delights in "funeral for Raiders"

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The first major free agent signing the Raiders made this off-season was Rodger Saffold. The contracted was a big payday for Saffold, to the tune of 5-year, $42.5 million with a healthy $21 million guaranteed. But the contract fell through when he failed a physical with the team due to an apparent shoulder injury found by team doctors and the deal was voided.

Then the Rams stepped up to offer him a contract that was about ten million less ($31.7 million) overall but had more guaranteed money ($19.5 million). Reportedly, it was Mark Davis who stepped in and said no to the deal for fear of the injury requiring surgery, putting the signing as a big risk.

Saffold was devastated by the deal falling through initially but was happy to return to his old team on a long term deal. Since then, he has apparently held quite a grudge against the team that spurned him and was looking forward to their meeting.

The offensive guard was dressed for the occasion too. He came dressed in all black for what he called a "funeral" for the Raiders. He got his wish with the Rams putting it to the Raiders 52-0. It was immensely satisfying for vengeful Saffold.

While Saffold has every right to be upset, maybe cosplay was taking it to a bit of an obsessive level. He was, after all, still guaranteed just $1.5 million less than he would have gotten with the Raiders.

Oh, and that shoulder that was a concern for Raiders team doctors and Mark Davis -- who wasn't feeling in the mood to hand out $42.5 million in checks for a risky investment -- has caused Saffold problems this season. It hasn't required surgery (yet) and he hasn't missed a game this season because of it.

He has been, however, a below average guard. He hasn't really lived up to the contract he received, and is absolutely not worth the money the Raiders were prepared to pay him. He never should have been made the Raiders big priority free agent in the first place. Davis stepped in and kept Reggie McKenzie from at least one of his many bad investments last off-season that have led to this 1-11 embarrassment of a football team.

For Saffold's part, even nearly $20 million in guaranteed money and a long term contract isn't enough for him. Instead of just being thankful he still got paid and plays for a far better team, he must show just how bitter and petty he is.