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Election day: Raiders Most Disappointing Addition of the Midterm

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With every celebrated new addition, there are those who fall on the other side of that coin. Those free agents who have not lived up to their potential when the team signed them. It's an award none of the candidates want, but here they are.

Austin Howard -- Was the first free agent signing the Raiders made following the failed physical that voided the Rodger Saffold deal. Like Saffold, Howard is a former tackle who the team switched to guard. Howard signed a pretty sizable contract and has been the worst run blocker on the Raiders line. Pro Football Focus gives him the lowest grade of any player on the Raiders offensive.

Maurice Jones-Drew -- The Oakland native and former All Pro returned home, but it appears to be with those All Pro days well in the rear view. He has averaged 2.1 yards per carry for a total of 54 yards on the season. That's third behind Derek Carr.

Matt Schaub -- Was paid $8 million this season to be the starter. He got a sore elbow in the preseason and lost his starting job. He is now the highest paid kick holder in the NFL.

LaMarr Woodley -- Was the every day starter for the first six games of the season. Over that time he had a total of 5 tackles (3 solo) before going out with a torn biceps and being placed on injured reserve.

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