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Raiders Midseason Awards

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Steve Dykes

With the midseason being this week for the Raiders, and the Midterm elections happening across the country, it only seemed appropriate this year's Midseason Awards be decided by fan vote. The polls are now closed and all precincts have reported. Here are the results.

Rookie of the Midseason

Candidates: Derek Carr, T.J. Carrie, Justin Ellis, Gabe Jackson, Khalil Mack

Winner: Khalil Mack (66%)

Runner up: Derek Car (27%)

My take: This one seems a no-brainer to me. I was actually a bit surprised he only pulled in 66% of the vote on this one. He is in currently the favorite for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. An absolute beast of a man.

Newcomer of the Midseason

Candidates: James Jones, Benson Mayowa, Donald Penn, Justin Tuck, C.J. Wilson

Winner: Donald Penn (43%)

Runner-up: James Jones (41%)

My take: This one ended close but at one point it was even closer. These two were neck and neck, swapping the lead from the start. And that seems about right. I can see good reason to go with either Penn or Jones here.

Most Disappointing Addition of the Midseason

Candidates: Austin Howard, Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Schaub, LaMarr Woodley

'Winner': Matt Schaub (39%)

Runner-up: Maurice Jones-Drew (29%)

My take: I can't disagree with the results here either. Though, they were all worthy which exlpains why they all got a good share of the votes. The Raides hopes for this season were in Schaub's hands. Or rather, on his arm. He didn't make it to the season, the Raiders were forced to start a rookie, and have gone 0-8. While Schaub was suspect from the start, I personally had high expectations of MJD. At the end of last season and this preseason, he looked back to his old self. He looks like he's stuck in quicksand so far. Very disappointing.

Surprise Player of the Midseason

Candidates: T.J. Carrie, Benson Mayowa, Charles Woodson, Gabe Jackson

Winner: TJ Carrie (81%)

Runner-up: Charles Woodson (11%)

My take: Landslide victory for the obvious surprise of this season. When you pick a player in the seventh round, you don't expect him to be the best cornerback on the team along with being a standout kick and punt returner. That's exactly what Carrie has done. Some wondered why Woodson was among the surprises. Because he's 38-years-old. Every season he is able to perform as he does is a surprise. You keep thinking he will slow down but he just keeps surprising you.

Offensive Player of the Midterm

Candidates: Derek Carr, Andre Holmes, James Jones, Darren McFadden, Donald Penn, Mychal Rivera

Winner: Derek Carr (77%)

Runner-up: Donald Penn (13%)

My take: I get it. The quarterback factor. Though, picking Carr for this award screams an overall lack of offense by the Raiders. He has 1711 passing yards, 11 touchdown passes, 7 interceptions, and 3 fumbles. Many of his touchdowns have come in the waning seconds with the game out of reach and the Raiders continue to feature a goose egg in the win column. I probably would have given it to James Jones. He has been the most reliable target on this team and their leading receiver.

Defensive Player of the Midterm

Candidates: Khalil Mack, Sio Moore, Justin Tuck, Charles Woodson

Winner: Khalil Mack (56%)

Runner-up: Charles Woodson (31%)

My take: Again, no real argument here. These two could have been flipped and it still would have made sense. Mack has been the most dominating force on this defense and Woodson has been the only consistent performer in the secondary and leads the team with 2 interceptions and 6 passes defended.