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Know the Enemy Daily Links 11/6: Blast from the Past Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos edition

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AFC West


Broncos vs. Raiders: Blast from the past - Mile High Report

A brief look at Denver's best and worst games against their 2014 opponents

Good Morning Broncos Country!

Donald Butler, 26, has become the embodiment of everything that is wrong with San Diego's defense of late.

A month ago the San Diego Chargers looked like potentially the team to beat in the AFC. The Chargers have since lost three straight games with a 37-0 drubbing at the hands of the Miami Dolphins last week prompting Nick Hardwick to state the Chargers have hit "rock bottom.

Is he the best rookie on the Chiefs this year? Well...

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to London. It's being reported that the Chiefs will be playing the Detroit Lions in London next year as part of the NFL's International Series.


Iconic former coach and broadcaster remains as immersed as ever in football.

The NFL rejected an attempt by representatives for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to have him immediately reinstated after his plea agreement this week