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Broncos vs Raiders second half open thread

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Ezra Shaw

The Raiders got on the board first in this one when DJ Hayden, in his first start of the season picked off Peyton Manning. The Raiders drove the ball 23 yards but after a series of short passes ended in short gains and loss, they could get no farther and settled for a field goal to take a 3-0 lead early.

The Broncos would answer with a long drive of their own for what was looking like and easy touchdown but the Raiders defense stiffened at the goal line and held them to a field goal of their own to tie it up 3-3. A pass interference penalty on the next drive from Tarell Brown to set the Broncos up in first down at the Oakland 15-yard line and they added another field goal.

On Broncos were looking to add to their lead in the second quarter but Justin Tuck got in the backfield on a screen attempt, lept in the air and tipped it to himself for the interception. The Raiders got the ball at the 12-yard line and on third down, Derek Carr hit Brice Butler on a post pattern in the back of the endzone for the touchdown and a 10-6 Raiders lead.

Again, the Broncos were driving but again Manning was having passes batted down. Pat Sims and Justin Ellis batted down passes at the line. DJ Hayden stayed with Emmanuel Sanders on third down for a pass defended to force the punt.

With the Raiders clinging to a 4-point lead, the Broncos got the ball late in the second quarter. On the second play of the drive, Manning threw a short pass in the flat to running back CJ Anderson who broke several tackle attempts and took off for a 51-yard touchdown.

Now with a 13-10 deficit and just over two minutes remaining, and the Raiders could do nothing with it and the Broncos got the ball back. They would drive for a touchdown on a 32-yard pass from Peyton Manning to Emmanuel Sanders to extend their lead to 20-10 heading into the half.