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Raiders looking to give Chiefs the gift that keeps on giving

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This holiday season the Raiders are flying into Kansas City. What will the Chiefs have waiting for them Sunday morning?

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Marshall Faulk says: Tis the season: Reach out and give a warm compliment to this week's opponent. But keep it Professional Grade. This is your chance to tell the other team "I like the way your face looks...when you throw an interception." Or maybe "Thanks for making us feel right at the end zones." Let's see what you've got. Be creative.

The Raiders would like to thank the Chiefs for being such gracious hosts. Regardless of the Raiders decade of futility, it means nothing when they step onto the field at Arrowhead. They have had the Chiefs' number in Kansas City where they are 6-1 over the past seven seasons.

That fact has not been lost on Chiefs fans. It has been said that rivalries only matter when both teams are relevant. But, with these two teams, none of that matters. For instance, in the Raiders 2002 Super Bowl season, one of their five losses on the season came against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

It's almost as if the team that loses is the team that has the most to lose. It's what the term ‘trap game' really means. The Raiders lost to the Chiefs in their last non-losing season (2011) and their last winning season (2002).

Neither of those things are happening for the Raiders this season. They were the first team in the NFL this season to guarantee they would not have a winning season (0-8), the first to guarantee a losing season (0-9), and the first to be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention (0-10). Those came in three consecutive weeks - then they met the Chiefs and got their first win.

Since the Chiefs suffered that loss in Oakland, they haven't won again. Over the past three weeks, the Chiefs are 0-3 while the Raiders are 2-1. They came into the game against the Raiders leading the AFC West at 7-3. Now they are fighting for their playoff lives at 7-6. A sweep at the hands of the Raiders would be devastating.

If the Raiders go into Arrowhead this time and win for the 7th time in 8 seasons, it will very likely end the Chiefs playoff hopes completely.

It's been the case for a while that the Raiders only role through the latter portion of the season would be to play spoiler. They played that role well last week, beating the 49ers, and now they can play the ultimate spoiler in the place they always seem to rise to the occasion -- Arrowhead Stadium.

That's the gift that keeps on giving. And for that, the Raiders thank you. From the bottom of their black hearts.

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