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Rod Streater's season is officially over

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Tony Sparano said there was some concern that Rod Streater may not return from partial season injured reserve this season. The starting receiver had been practicing for a couple weeks and appeared ready to be activated, but began experiencing soreness and was unable to practice.

When a player is eligible to return, the team is given 21 days to activate him. That 21 days was up today. Rod Streater is not ready to return, and so with 2 games left in the season, the Raiders have opted to shut him down completely.

Streater had gone on the 'IR: Designated for Return' list after breaking his foot in week three of the season. If he were to return now, it wouldn't do the team much good as they are playing out the last two weeks of a lost season. It would, however, risk further injury to him and the Raiders will need him healthy.