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Jon Gruden signs extension with ESPN, removing him as head coaching candidate

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, there's one Raiders head coaching hopeful that is no longer a possibility. Mike Tirico broke the news tonight on the Monday Night Football broadcast that Gruden had signed an extension with ESPN that would have him under contract as a booth analyst until 2021. That effectively removes him from being a head coaching candidate any time soon.

Many Raidres fans yearned for the glory days when Gruden returned the team to relevance, before he was traded to the Buccaneers and got the better of his old team in the Super Bowl.

He was never a very realistic option to once again don the Silver & Black, but he was an option none the less. Mark Davis has made it no secret his affinity for Gruden. The question had become how much power Davis would be willing to hand over to Gruden to woo him to leave the booth and come back to the sideline.

In the end, Gruden opted for the expected choice. The one that paid him handsomely to do a job he loved with a fraction of the hours and a fraction of the stress that holding a head coaching job carries with it.