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If Raiders head to Los Angeles in 2015, Chargers not joining them

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Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers will remain the San-dee-eggo Superchaarrrrgers for at least one more year. The Chargers have opted not to terminate their lease with Qualcomm Stadium for next year which means if they do ever plan on moving to LA, it won't be until at least 2016.

Here is the Chargers statement via Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune:

Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani, the team's point man in its quest to get a new stadium built, said in a statement that the team will "keep working to find a publicly acceptable way to build a Super-Bowl quality stadium in San Diego. Calendar year 2015 will constitute the team's (14th) year of work on a San Diego stadium solution."

If Roger Goodell has his way, he would like two teams to share the proposed new stadium in Los Angeles. That would also be the most cost effective for any teams looking to make the leap to LA-LA land.

The two teams remaining who have been eyeballing the Los Angeles stadium are the Raiders and Rams. So, it is conceivable that some near 20 years since the two teams shared the LA market, they could both return to share it once again.

There was even talk lately that Mark Davis had offered to move to the NFC if necessary to share a stadium with the Chargers in Los Angeles. If it ends up being the Raiders and Rams there, changing conferences won't be necessary.

This is all still very much up in the air, mind you. Any team thinking of moving to Los Angeles will have a two week window following the Super Bowl to make that decision. Until then, a lot could happen.

Much of whether the Raiders make the move will depend on the City of Oakland. If they can work out the details on a new stadium in Oakland, there the Raiders will very likely remain. If they cannot, the Raiders will very likely be gone.

Los Angleles has always been in play for the Raiders should Oakland not be able to get their s#!t together enough to ensure they get a new stadium in Oakland to replace the relic that is Coliseum. The Raiders lease was up last year and they got a one-year extension to see if a new stadium could be built. They would very much prefer it be on the current coliseum site, and the plans are in motion, but far from a sure thing.

It is also conceivable that one of either the Raiders or Rams move to Los Angeles this off-season and the Chargers join them next year. For the Chargers purposes the ideal situation might be to stay in their current digs for at least another season while either the Raiders or Rams is in Los Angeles and a new stadium is being built. That's because whichever team heads to LA first would most likely be shacking up at the Rose Bowl for a couple years before the stadium is completed.

This is the first actual solid news about a team moving or not moving to LA this year. We will know what will or won't happen for 2015 in about two months.