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Michigan putting big money on table to get Jim Harbaugh

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest name out there when discussing the Raiders soon-to-be vacant head coaching position is current 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. The prevailing thinking as of right now is he won't be returning as 49ers head coach next season, making a jump across the bay a strong possibility.

Well, if the Raiders want Harbaugh, they will have some tough competition for his services. The most recent suitor to step their game up is Harbaugh's alma mater, University of Michigan. As's Ian Rappoport tweeted, they are offering some big money and a long term deal to woo Harbs back to the Big House.

The only question becomes if it is really about the money for Harbaugh. The Raiders offer two major things Michigan cannot: they are the big show, the NFL, and the the Harbaugh family wouldn't need to move from where they have called home for the past eight years.

Head coaches at big time programs like Michigan are practically celebrities. But hoisting a Lombardi trophy is far more enticing than a National Championship trophy and for Harbaugh, he has unfinished business in that regard. He reached the Super Bowl a couple years ago, but lost to his brother's Ravens team. Sibling rivalry is a powerful thing. And Little Harbaugh wants a ring like his big bro has.

That being said, the news of this big offer coming out is by design. Word is Mark Davis is willing to spend to get the coach he wants. Harbaugh's agent David Dunn wants everyone to know that Michigan has just set the bar for any offers. It's $8 million a year. Something Al Davis never would have paid, but Mark is not his father, and he wants to make a splash at head coach.