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Report: Raiders won't be moving to Los Angeles in 2015

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The other foot has dropped on the prospect of a team moving to Los Angeles following this season. First it was the Chargers opting to remain in San Diego for at least another year. Now reports say Roger Goodell has informed the Raiders as well as the Rams and Chargers that no team will be moving to Los Angeles just yet.

When the Chargers announced they would be remaining in San Diego for another year, it seemed like a risky move considering the Rams and Raiders could still make the decision to take their talents to Southern California, leaving them pretty much stuck without a new stadium and two teams crowding in on their territory.

Most likely Goodell had notified the three teams there would be no teams in LA which prompted the announcement.

The announcement will very likely be that the Raiders also intend to make another one-year extension on their lease at The other option is San Antonio, though it is much less of an option. There are still the plans in the works for a new stadium in Oakland and opting for the third option with the first two options still on the table seems unlikely.