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NFL week 16 early games open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans during the early slate of NFL games on Sunday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The early games are set to begin and there are playoff implications among them. The one that may be of interest to Raiders fans it the Chiefs in Pittsburgh. Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot and can ill afford to lose any more games. The Chiefs sitting at 8-6 are more desperate than the Steelers at 9-5.

That's the game most of you will see on CBS. On Fox, they will be featuring two NFC South teams fighting to take the lead in the worst division in football. That's the Saints and Falcons. Someone's gotta lose between those two teams who have largely been playing some craptastic football this season.

See the coverage map here.

Here is the entire slate of games today:

Minnesota at Miami
Baltimore at Houston
Detroit at Chicago
Cleveland at Carolina
Atlanta at New Orleans
Green Bay at Tampa Bay
Kansas City at Pittsburgh
New England at NY Jets

The Raiders will be taking on the Bills at 1:25 Pacific (4:25 Eastern) today. Until then, enjoy the early games.