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Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo Bills 2nd half thread

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders started out with the ball against the Buffalo Bills but they did absolutely nothing with it. After the three and out by the Raiders the Buffalo Bills showed them how to do it right. They went deep to their rookie playmaker Sammy Watkins, scoring on a 42 yard play that had a perfect throw and an excellent route ran for the 7-0 lead.

The Raiders response to the score was not doing anything all over again, not a great plan but at least they are effective at it. Another Marquette King punt had the Bills starting at midfield all over again. This time though they didn't score as the defense held up well. They got the Bills offense into a 3rd and 8 and Orton threw the ball deep where it was intercepted by Charles Woodson at the Raiders own 15.

After the interception from the future hall of famer, the Raiders offense continued to do absolutely nothing. The 3rd and 6 throw was dropped by Marcel Reece but he was hit and tackled far short of the first even if he made the catch. The Bills defense is very tough, but the Raiders offense hasn't even come close to challenging them as of yet.

T.J. Carrie added some excitement right away on the first play of the Bills next drive by having pretty solid acting skills on a play originally called an interception that actually had very clearly hit the ground incomplete. The defense did force a three and out anyway after a run stopped for negative yards and a pass completed way short of the first down.

The Raiders finally got a first down on their next drive which got them near midfield. A run for a loss of 3 and an incomplete pass to James Jones who wasn't looking for the catch over the middle had the Raiders in a 3rd and 13. Their response was a beauty though, they went deep for a 50 yard gain to Kembrell Thompkins that put Oakland inside the Bills 5 yard line at the end of the 1st quarter. The first play of the 2nd quarter was a pass to a wide open James Jones in the back of the end zone to tie the game 7-7.

The Raiders defense immediately held the Bills defense too after the Raiders touchdown, another three and out after Khalil Mack pressured Kyle Orton into an incomplete pass on 3rd down. The quick stop had the Raiders starting at their own 45 yard line, the best field position of the game so far for Oakland.

Unfortunately they went three and out themselves and had to punt, and even more unfortunately the punt was a touchback instead of pinning Buffalo deep. On the 2nd play of the Bills next drive though D.J. Hayden punched the ball out of Robert Woods' arms from behind on a catch and run, and it was originally called a fumble. On further review though it was called incomplete. It ended ok though because on the 3rd down Mack again got to Orton and forced another incomplete pass.

A couple of really nice runs by Latavius Murray got the Raiders down to the Bills 35 yard line, and then Darren McFadden even got an 8 yard run himself. That was as far as the Raiders could get though so they had to settle for a 45 yard field goal. Sebastian Janikowski made the field goal easy and right down the middle to make the score 10-7 Oakland.

The Oakland defense continued their really good performance and forced yet another three and out from the Bills. Ever since the long TD from the Bills the Raiders defense has stepped up and they really have changed the momentum in the game.

The offense was not able to reward the defense for their efforts though as they ended up with another three and out after Carr was sacked on 3rd down. The defense came out quickly but seemed unfazed by the lack of rest as they dominated the Bills offensive line. They had 2 run stuffs followed up by Khalil Mack AGAIN getting in on Orton and his hit forced another 3rd down incompletion. The Bills once again had to punt after that.

The Oakland offense got moving this time around thanks to the combination of Marcel Reece and Latavius Murray in the passing game. A nice screen to Murray went for around 18 yards and then a pass over the middle to Reece was for a nice gain too. The drive again faltered though within field goal range so they settled for a 36 yard attempt from Janikowski. The chip shot was made easy to make the score 13-7 with just over a minute to go in the half.

The Bills had all three timeouts and that minute left in the half to try and put some big points on the board. They started their drive with a solid gain on a screen pass but they followed it up with an incomplete pass and a short pass to the sidelines. The 3rd down play was a completion to Sammy Watkins though who luckily slipped when he could have gotten a big gain. Another short completion after that got the Bills into field goal range and after a shot deep that fell incomplete they settled for the 54 yard field goal attempt. He kicked it like it was nothing to make the score 13-10 at the half.