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Bills vs Raiders final score: Raiders crush Bills playoff hopes for third straight home win 26-24

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The Bills started out the game winning the field position battle after a three and out started the Bills' drive at the Buffalo 40-yard line. They were in third and nine and converted on a TJ Carrie holding penalty. Then two plays later, Sammy Watkins beat DJ Hayden and Kyle Orton hit him for a 42-yard touchdown strike. The Bills led 7-0 just over five minutes into the game.

On the Bills second series, they looked to be moving the ball again until Charles Woodson ended it with his 60th career interception and team leading 4th pick of the season.

Unfortunately, the Raiders offense responded to the turnover with their third-straight three-and-out to begin the game.

The Raiders broke out of their three-and-out slump in a big way with a 50-yard bomb from Derek Carr to Kenbrell Thompkins followed up by a 4-yard touchdown pass to James Jones to tie up the game 7-7.

Two other times in the first half, the Raiders had what was ruled a forced turnover but reversed upon review. First a TJ Carrie interception which he didn't control, and a DJ Hayden forced fumble that was ruled a no catch, so there was no fumble. The Bills were still doing nothing on offense even without the turnovers and the game was turning toward the Raiders.

That's when Latavius Murray got going for the Raiders. He had 15 yards and 9 yards on consecutive carries to put the Raiders in scoring position at the Buffalo 35-yard line. They would get as far as the 27-yard line before settling for a 45-yard Sebastian Janikowski field goal to take the 10-7 lead with just over 8 minutes left in the second quarter.

The next time the Raiders had the ball, they set a record. Though it isn't a record anyone wants. Marquette King punted for the 99th time on the season to pass Leo Araguz for the most Raiders punts in a season. And there's still a game and a half for him to add to that total.

With just over a minute left in the first half, the Bills were able to mount a drive and converted on a 54-yard field goal to cut the lead to 13-10 heading into halftime.

They would get the ball right back to start the second half, but that series ended with a three-and-out with a sack by Khalil Mack. Mack had been putting pressure on Orton all day and finally broke through to get the sack for a 10-yard loss to force a punt.

The Raiders would get the ball back and Latavius Murray went back to breaking off big runs. He had a 25-yard run on first down and then picked up 17 yards on the next play to put the Raiders in scoring position at the Buffalo 25-yard line. After a couple of shots at the endzone fell incomplete, they settled for a field goal to reclaim their six-point lead at 16-10.

Next time the Raiders got the ball, they went on another long drive. This time converting on two third downs to move back into field goal range and extend the lead to 19-10 on a 49-yard Janikowski field goal - his fourth field goal of the day.

The Bills would answer the call and they didn't settle for a field goal, they took it for the touchdown on a 29-yard pass from Kyle Orton to tight end Scott Chandler to pull to down just 19-17.

Just when you thought the Raiders were letting this one slip away, they drove right back down the field to answer the Bills touchdown with a touchdown of their own. They converted two third downs on the drive, including a 51-yard bomb to Andre Holmes on third and 22. On the next play, Darren McFadden got the left edge and went 25 yards to the one-yard line. Two plays later, Jamize Olawale would catch a short pass for the score. That would pull it back to a two score lead at 26-17.

With the defense well-rested after the long drive, they came out fired up with a third straight home win in their sights. Justin Tuck sacked Kyle Orton on first down for a loss of 11. It put the Bills at 2nd and 21 at their own 9-yard line. After an incompletion on a long attempt for Sammy Watkins, Orton was picked by Brandian Ross. That should have sealed it, but it got far too interesting after that.

The Raiders ran three straight plays and Sebastian Janikowski missed the 48-yard field goal attempt. The Bill then got the ball back and drove down the field thanks to a 34-yard dump pass and run by Fred Jackson and finished it off with a 30-yard touchdown pass from Orton to Robert Woods to pull back within two points at 26-24.

It came down to an onsides kick which Charles Woodson recovered. The Raiders would then kneel out the victory.

The loss put the Bills at 8-7 and officially knocks them out of the playoffs. It is also the Raiders third-straight home win. The last win came two weeks ago over the 49ers who were then officially knocked out of the playoffs last week.

Buffalo Bills (8-7-0)
K. Orton 32/49 329 3 2
F. Jackson 6 10 0 3
A. Dixon 3 7 0 4
C. Spiller 4 -4 0 4
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
F. Jackson 9 93 0 34
S. Watkins 3 75 1 42T
R. Woods 7 52 1 30T
C. Hogan 3 43 0 31
S. Chandler 4 37 1 29T
M. Gray 2 15 0 9
C. Spiller 4 14 0 5
C. Spiller 1 0 1 0
Kicking FG LG XP PTS
D. Carpenter 1/1 54 3/3 6
Punting NO AVG I20 LG
C. Schmidt 8 38.0 0 67
Kickoff Returns NO AVG TD LG
M. Thigpen 3 21 0 27
Punt Returns NO AVG TD LG
M. Thigpen 3 3 0 11
Defense T-A SCK INT FF
D. Searcy 9-2 0.0 0 0
R. Brooks 7-0 0.0 0 0
A. Williams 5-1 0.0 0 0
B. Spikes 4-2 0.0 0 0
M. Williams 3-1 0.5 0 0
K. Williams 3-1 0.5 0 0
P. Brown 2-0 0.0 0 0
C. Graham 2-2 0.0 0 0
C. Bryant 1-1 0.0 0 0
S. Charles 1-3 0.0 0 0
M. Dareus 1-0 0.0 0 0
S. Gilmore 1-0 0.0 0 0
J. Hughes 1-1 0.0 0 0
N. Robey 1-0 0.0 0 0
N. Bradham 0-1 0.0 0 0
T. Powell 0-1 0.0 0 0
Oakland Raiders (3-12-0)
D. Carr 17/34 214 2 0
L. Murray 23 86 0 25
D. McFadden 9 54 0 25
D. Carr 4 0 0 2
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
K. Thompkins 5 90 0 50
A. Holmes 3 73 0 51
L. Murray 3 22 0 19
M. Reece 2 20 0 16
M. Rivera 1 5 0 5
J. Jones 1 3 1 3T
J. Olawale 1 1 1 1T
D. McFadden 1 0 0 0
D. Carr 1 0 1 -4
A. Smith 0 0 0 0
Kicking FG LG XP PTS
S. Janikowski 4/5 49 2/2 14
Punting NO AVG I20 LG
M. King 6 39.0 0 57
Kickoff Returns NO AVG TD LG
G. Atkinson 1 21 0 21
Punt Returns NO AVG TD LG
T. Carrie 3 5 0 11
Defense T-A SCK INT FF
M. Burris 9-4 0.0 0 0
D. Hayden 6-0 0.0 0 0
B. Ross 4-1 0.0 1 0
J. Tuck 4-0 1.0 0 0
T. Carrie 3-0 0.0 0 0
R. Lumpkin 2-1 0.0 0 0
K. Mack 2-3 1.0 0 0
A. Smith 2-0 0.0 0 1
C. Woodson 2-4 0.0 1 0
R. Armstrong 1-1 0.0 0 0
D. Autry 1-0 0.0 0 0
B. Mayowa 1-0 0.0 0 0
N. Thorpe 1-0 0.0 0 0

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