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Raiders week 16 Ballers & Busters: Part two

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The second part of the week 16 Ballers & Busters where we detail the not-so-good performances against the Buffalo Bills

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


D.J. Hayden

The Raiders defense was pretty stout in this game, but it wasn't without holes. Hayden was a pretty sizable one and Kyle Orton was going after him with some real success. The Bills got their first touchdown when Hayden was guarding Sammy Watkins. All Watkins did was run a post pattern. Nothing fancy, he just ran right by Hayden and caught the 42-yard touchdown right in front of him without any contest. Fast forward to the Bills final drive. On the second play, Hayden missed a tackle on a 34-yard catch, gave up a 5-yard catch on the next play, and then gave up the 30-yard touchdown catch to Robert Woods to finish it off. That's two of the three Bills touchdowns courtesy of Hayden. In total, Hayden gave up 8 catches on 9 targets for 99 yards and two touchdowns. Dassalot.

Ray Ray Armstrong

There is one touchdown unaccounted for on the Raiders defense and it was given up by Armstrong. It was a 29-yard touchdown strike in which Armstrong was beaten and fell down trying to make the tackle for tight end Scott Chandler to go into the endzone untouched. But that wasn't all for Armstrong. His tackle attempts much of the day were not pretty.

On the Bills final drive of the first half, he missed a tackle on a 14-yard screen play. It was the first Bills 1st down since their opening drive and began a drive for a field goal. On three consecutive drives in the second half, he gave up a 9-yard catch, the 29-yard TD, and missed a tackle on a 9-yard catch.

In Armstrong's favor, he finished strong, batting down a pass in the flat on third and one, and later getting a tackle for loss on a catch. That was his only solo tackle in the game.

Marquette King

One week after having a pretty poor game that included a punt return for a touchdown, King has one of his worst games in a while. He had six punts in this game, averaging 44.2 yards per punt with a net of 39.0. He had one touchback and didn't land a single punt inside the 20-yard-line.

His punts went thusly 34 yards to the Buffalo 40-yard line. The Bills took the great field position and scored their first touchdown. Then he punted 44 yards with a return of 11 yards to start the Bills drive at the 46-yard-line. Then he had his one good punt of the day. It went for 53 yards and was stopped at the Bills 29-yard line. He hit one for 57 yards but it was a touchback for a net of 37 yards. Then he had one go 42 yards to the 33-yard line. His final punt went 35 yards and was fair caught at the 24-yard-line.

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