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Raiders to begin head coach interview process immediately following season

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Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

If anyone was wondering when the Raiders will begin searching for their next head coach, it won't be long. According to Mark Davis, who spoke with Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News on Tuesday, the interview process will begin immediately following the final game of the season.

This does not necessarily mean Tony Sparano will not be considered to return as head coach. It simply means Davis will be exploring all of his options, including, but not limited to assistants from other teams, some of whom are currently in the playoffs.

One such interview that must be conducted is the interview of a minority head coaching candidate to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

There are several good candidates out there to be had, many of whom would be glad to take over this Raiders team. It makes sense for the Raiders to do their due diligence in finding the right man for the job. And making sure they get that guy requires that they are aggressive in starting the process.