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Justin Tuck fined by NFL for abusive language at official

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Last Sunday when the Raiders faced the Bills in Oakland, Justin Tuck had a rare moment of completely losing his composure. He was blocked on a pass rush attempt that had a Bills offensive linemen roll up on the back of his knees and left Tuck hurt on the field for a couple minutes.

When he eventually got up, he was fuming. He went up to the official and berated the official who was closest to the play but who did not throw a flag on what Tuck believed to be a high-low block or at very least a holding penalty as the linemen grabbed Tuck's chest and pulled him backward.

The official did throw a flag, but it was against Tuck for unsportsmanlike conduct. Now the NFL has added to the penalty after the fact by slapping Tuck with a $22,050 fine for directing abusive and insulting language toward a game official.

Tuck is far from a player who 'cries wolf'. He had a legitimate gripe as it was a very dangerous block on him that could have resulted in a serious injury.