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Raiders finish 2014 season with flurry of historic franchise futility

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Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With a 47-14 trouncing in Denver, the Raiders 2014 season came to an end. It was just the latest in a season that had many ugly performances from this rebuilt squad. This included going winless on the road and being outscored 130-27 in their last three trips outside of Oakland.

If you thought the Raiders 2014 season was filled with some of the worst football you had ever seen from them, you weren't imagining it. It was a season of historically pathetic football from this once proud franchise. To see just how much unwanted history this Raiders team made, you need look no further than Associated Press stat guru, Josh Dubow. He dropped a few nuggets before, during, and especially after the Raiders 2014 officially came to a close.

Here are a few of their 'accomplishments'

Fewest rushing yards per game in franchise history (77.5) -- They needed 122 yards in the season finale to keep from setting a new low for rushing yards per game in a season. They got 67, giving them 77.5 yards per game which beats out the previous low of 80.9 which was set in 2004.

Fewest rushing touchdowns in franchise history (4) -- Their 4 rushing touchdowns is tied for the fewest in franchise history. The other two seasons they had four were 2012 and 1969.

Most punts in franchise history, 5th most in NFL history (109) -- Marquette King set the new franchise mark in punts (99) two weeks ago and has been adding to it since. He finished the season with 109 punts which is 5th most in NFL history. That is not a record anyone wants.

Fewest sacks in franchise history (22) -- That easily eclipses the previous franchise low of 25 sacks which was set in 2003 and matched in 2004 and 2012.

Three worst seasons since the pre Al Davis era (2012-14) -- After they gave up 47 points Denver, the Raiders officially gave up 452 points on the season. Along with the 453 points given up last season, and the 443 points given up in 2012, each of the past three seasons under Reggie McKenzie and the new regime is the worst for the franchise since 1961. That was two seasons before Al Davis came to the team -- 53 years ago.

Largest point differential since pre-Al Davis era (199)-- The Raiders were outscored by 199 points this season, the most since that same 1961 season when they were outscored by 221 points.

The past three seasons have seen annual overhauls and a eerie feeling of Deja vu. The result has indeed been some of the worst times in Raiders history. Even considering they had more than a decade of non-winning football before that. And this season has taken this franchise to new depths.