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NFL Coaching change tracker

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It's the dreaded "Black Monday". And unlike "Black Friday", this one is not about buying, it's about selling. As in NFL teams tossing out the coaches they don't want. Some of those coaches will be hot commodities for other positions, yes. But not all will be swiped up so quickly.

As of now, Tony Sparano has not been fired as Raiders head coach and is on schedule for a 2pm press conference.

Here is the latest news on head coaches

Jim Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers part ways

The 49ers didn't wait until Monday. They announced Harbaugh was that they were mutually parting ways DURING his press conference following the team's win in their season finale against the Arizona Cardinals.

Rex Ryan was fired by the New York Jets

He spent the past six seasons with the Jets, taking them to the conference championship his first two seasons, but he hasn't had a winning record since then. He will be among those who other teams look at to possibly get another head coaching position.

Marc Trestman fired by the Chicago Bears

After just two seasons in Chicago, Trestman is out as head coach. He was a hot commodity two years ago after leading the Montreal Allouettes of the CFL to two Grey Cup championships. He is well respected as a brilliant offensive mind.

Mike Smith fired by Atlanta Falcons

After a second-straight disappointing season in which there were major questions regarding his game management, he was let go. He also spent seven seasons as Falcons head coach with some great success, including 5 winning records, 4 trips to the playoffs, and one trip to the NFC Championship. After two straight losing seasons, the team decided it was time to part ways.

NFL teams rumored to still be in the mix for Jim Harbaugh

Yes, the NFL and the media covering it are still clinging to the hope they can change Harbaugh's mind about leaving the NFL to coach at Michigan. Various reports have the Raiders and Bears making final pitches to Harbaugh and Michigan having to up their offer to keep him headed to the Big House. While Michigan homers are quick to tell everyone it's a done deal and everyone is wasting their energy talking about it. Which I guess means I just wasted a couple minutes typing this paragraph.

Several of the teams who have fired head coaches already requesting interviews

There are a few hot names out there as far as assistants up for head coaching positions. Here are some of the names being bandied about today and the teams who are reported to have requested and interview with them:

Seahawks DC Dan Quinn -- 49ers, Falcons, Jets, Bills
Cardinals DC Todd Bowles -- 49ers, Falcons, Jets, Bears
Broncos OC Adam Gase -- 49ers, Falcons, Bears, Bills
Lions DC Teryl Austin -- Falcons, 49ers
Patriots OC Josh McDaniels -- 49ers, Falcons, Bills
49ers TE coach Eric Mangini -- Raiders
Eagles OC Pat Shurmur -- Raiders, Bills
Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable -- Jets
Ravens OC Gary Kubiak -- Jets
Chargers OC Frank Reich -- Jets, Bills
Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell -- Raiders, Bills
Colts OC Pep Hamilton -- Raiders, Bills
Broncos DC Jack Del Rio -- Raiders
Browns OC Kyle Shanahan -- Bills
Bengals OC Hue Jackson -- Bills
Panthers DC Sean McDermott -- Jets

Raiders show interest in Broncos DC Jack Del Rio

Del Rio was already on my short list of candidates for the Raiders soon-to-be-vacant head coaching position. Mark Davis sought out Del Rio in particular prior to their game against the Broncos Sunday. While that alone doesn't necessarily mean they spoke of him becoming the next head coach, this meeting is not the only reason Del Rio's name has come up. Interest in the former 9-year Jaguars head coach is warming this off-season and being that he is a Bay Area guy and grew up a Raiders fan, Oakland is the natural fit for him.

Jim Harbaugh lands in Michigan as promised

Since the media is stalking Jim Harbaugh and tracking his movements, I thought I'd pass it on to you. Recently he was reportedly scheduled to fly to Michigan today. He did. He is there. And reports are that he has signed with Michigan and will announce himself as the next head coach Tuesday night during a Michigan basketball game. This should put any hopes of him changing his course to rest. Have fun in college, Jim.

Tony Sparano still Raiders head coach, will have interview for the job

Monday afternoon, Tony Sparano gave the season ending press conference where he said he wants "very, very badly" to remain head coach of the Raiders. He also said he expects to have a formal sit down interview for the job in the coming days. He expects to be given a fair shot at the job and hopes Mark Davis can see that the team is headed in the right direction and needs the "continuity" of him as head coach.

Raiders to interview Eric Mangini for head coaching position

For the Raiders first reported interview, they are calling across the bay to bring in current 49ers tight ends coach, Eric Mangini. He was as former head coach of the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. Before that he spent six years in New England as defensive backs coach and the final season as defensive coordinator.

Raiders to interview Pat Shumur for head coaching position

The second Raiders interview reported is another former Browns head coach -- Pat Shurmer. He is currently the Eagles offensive coordinator -- yes they have one of those, though I'm not sure why when Chip Kelly runs that offense. Shurmer spent two seasons as head coach of the Browns, following Mangini in Cleveland. His record was 9-23 over those two seasons.

Todd Bowles garners interview requests from every team with head coaching vacancy

We knew Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles would be a hot commodity coming into the off-season. As of reports out today, that is proving very much to be true. He is said to have garnered requests from every NFL team with a head coaching vacancy. That would include the Raiders.

Rex Ryan to interview for Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers head coaching positions

The first news of Rex Ryan getting an interview to become a head coach elsewhere has come down and it's two-fold. He will head to Atlanta to interview for their head coaching job as well as San Francisco. Mike Smith was fired as Falcons head coach while Jim Harbaugh left the 49ers for University of Michigan. These are the only two visits he currently has lined up. Though it would be easy enough to have him skip across the bay to interview with the Raiders while he's in town. We'll see if that happens. When Ryan was fired, it was figured he would be considered to immediately take over one of the other head coaching vacancies.

Raiders request interview with Pep Hamilton for head coaching position

Currently the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. He coached the offense at Stanford for two seasons before being hired by the Colts to coach Andrew Luck again. Prior to his time at Stanford, he had been a QB coach for several teams including the Jets, 49ers, and Bears over a five year span.

Raiders interview Darrell Bevell for head coaching position

Several reports have come out of the Raiders requesting assistants for their head coaching vacancy, but the first report of them having actually interviewed someone came out today. It's Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. He was an intriguing name coming into the off-season as the architect of the Super Bowl winning offense in Seattle. He and the team's assistant head coach and offensive line coach Tom Cable are both seeing interest as head coaches. As for Cable, he was already Raiders head coach once so that aint happenin.

Doug Marrone opts out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills

There is a new team in the mix for a head coach. It's the Buffalo Bills who just saw Doug Marrone opt out of his contract. Marrone gets to keep $4 million with no off-set and he is expected to take the vacant Jets head coaching position. He is a Bronx native and it would appear the timing of the Rex Ryan firing worked out perfectly for him.

Raiders to interview Jack Del Rio for head coaching position

What was said to be happening soon, will happen Saturday with Jack Del Rio interviewing for the Raiders head coaching job. He was the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach for nine seasons before taking over the Broncos defensive coordinator job three seasons ago.

Reggie McKenzie interviews Pep Hamilton for Raiders head coach position

While Mark Davis was in Denver speaking with Jack Del Rio Sunday night, Reggie McKenzie was in Indianapolis for his scheduled meeting with Colts OC Pep Hamilton.

Raiders meet with Mike Shanahan

It what is being reported as a head coach interview, Mark Davis met with former Broncos and Redskins head coach, Mike Shanahan. Probably the most shocking Raiders head coach interview any of us could possibly have imagined.

Marc Trestman interviews with Buccaneers

Recently fired Bears head coach, Marc Trestman, has interviewed for the Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator position. Trestman is well respected as an offensive mind and some had hoped he would be available as an option for the Raiders. He was the Raiders Offensive Coordinator in 2002 for Rich Gannon's MVP season and the Raiders' trip to the Super Bowl.

Kyle Shanahan leaves Browns

Kyle Shanahan has left the Cleveland Browns as Offensive Coordinator. He is a head coach candidate and if he can't land a head job, he will be a candidate to fill an offensive coordinator position.

Todd Bowles interview with Raiders canceled

One of the earliest reports of head coach interview requests was that of Todd Bowles who had every team with a vacancy wanting to interview him for the job. The one team who will not be having that interview is the Raiders. Bowles made the other four teams his priority and will now officially not be meeting with the team.

Rex Ryan hired as head coach of Buffalo Bills

The Bills have their man. It's former Jets head coach Rex Ryan who stays in state and shuffles off to Buffalo. Rumors of Greg Roman and Marc Trestman have surfaced as possible choices for offensive coordinators.

John Fox fired as Broncos head coach

Just when you thought all the head coach firings had already happened, a coach in charge of a number two seed in the playoffs gets the boot. After four years in Denver, John Fox has been fired. His staff has not been officially fired but have been given permission to seek opportunities elsewhere. Most interesting among them being Jack Del Rio and Adam Gase -- both of whom had already held interviews for head coaching positions.

Marc Trestman to interview for Browns OC position

Former Bears head coach, Marc Trestman, has been requested for an interview to fill the Browns now vacant offensive coordinator position. They saw Kyle Shanahan resign from the position last week.

Jack Del Rio set to be hired as Raiders head coach

Reports have the Raiders hiring Jack Del Rio as their next head coach. This is confirmation of a move that has looked inevitable for the past week or more. He is already recruiting Marc Trestman as his offensive coordinator and is linked to Mike Smith to reunite with his former defensive coordinator.

Jaguars to interview Greg Olson for offensive coordinator

In a move that is probably a bit surprising to most Raiders fans, Greg Olson will interview for the Jaguars to be their new offensive coordinator. He was the QB coach and Assistant Head Coach in Jacksonville prior to joining the Raiders two seasons ago.

Todd Bowles hired as Jets head coach

One of the hottest head coach candidates on the market finds a home in New York. He comes over from Arizona where he was defensive coordinator for the top defenses in the NFL the past two seasons. The Jets recently fired another defensive head coach in Rex Ryan who heads upstate to Buffalo.

Jim Tomsula promoted to 49ers head coach

The 49ers promoted defensive line coach Jim Tomsula head coach. He gets the job ahead of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio who has been released from his contract.

John Fox hired as Bears head coach

It didn't take long for John Fox to find a job. He was fired by the Broncos just a season removed from a trip to the Super Bowl. Now he has been hired as the Bears head coach.

Gary Kubiak hired as Broncos head coach

Kubiak was most recently the offensive coordinator of the Ravens. It was just a year ago that Kubiak was fired as head coach of the Houston Texans where he had spent eight seasons. Kubiak returns to the Broncos where he was offensive coordinator for 11 seasons (1995-2005).

Doug Marrone hired as Jaguars offensive line coach

After leaving the Bills as head coach, Marrone was hoping to land a head coaching gig elsewhere. That didn't happen. He eventually settled for the offensive line coach position with the Jaguars.

Falcons head job last opening

The only head coaching position left to fill is in Atlanta. They are expected to hire Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to the job but must wait until after the Super Bowl to make it official.

Dan Quinn will be named Falcons head coach

Next Tuesday, following the Super Bowl, Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn will be officially named the Falcons next head coach. Filling the last remaining head coaching job.