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Report: Raiders to interview Eagles OC Pat Shurmur for head coaching position

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The second report has surfaced of a Raiders head coaching position. And it's another blast from the past -- Pat Shurmur who, like Mangini is also a former Cleveland Browns head coach and current Eagles offensive coordinator. This according to Tim McManus of

Not sure what the sudden interest is in former Browns head coaches, but it is clear priority number one for the Raiders is former head coaching experience. Mark Davis doesn't want another Dennis Allen situation. He wants what fans not-so-affectionately refer to as 'a retread'.

Shurmur took over for Eric Mangini in Cleveland in 2011 and also like Mangini, spent just two seasons as Browns head coach. For what it's worth, the Browns replaced him with Rob Chudzinski and 'Chud' lasted just one season. They were going through head coaches faster than the Raiders.

Outside of the head coaching experience, it's hard to say what the draw is for Shurmur. It's hard to say what the draw was for the Browns when they hired him. Chip Kelly is credited with the Eagles offensive attack these days, and Shurmur's offense in St Louis prior to being hired by the Browns was among the worst in the league both seasons. Though Steven Jackson did have his two best NFL seasons under Shurmur.