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Raiders draft 2015: USC DT Leonard Williams "I would love to play for Oakland"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the top players in the 2015 NFL draft has made it pretty clear he has been a lifelong Raiders fan. Leonard Williams, who is expected to be drafted in the top five and perhaps even in the top two, told the Los Angeles Times recently "I would love to play for Oakland."

As if that wasn't enough, his most recent picture on his instagram account looks like this:

#raidernation best fans

A photo posted by Leonard Williams (@leo94_w) on

Yes, that's a picture of Leonard Williams in USC gear in which the uniform and helmet are blacked out and a Raiders symbol is in the bottom left. A fan made the picture and Williams posted it on his Instagram account with "#raidernation best fans" along with it.

His loyalty to the Raiders has been known for some time. But rarely do NFL draft prospects make their NFL loyalties as well known as Williams is with the draft coming up in a couple months. Usually players avoid the question or say they would be glad to play for anyone. Not Williams. He wants to play for his favorite team BADLY.

And if he were available when the Raiders pick at 4th overall, his selection would be hard to argue.