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Menelik Watson status in doubt, Khalif Barnes back to right tackle vs 49ers

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Menelik Watson is the Raiders hopeful future at right tackle. The 2013 second round pick was injured most of last season which had Khalif Barnes starting at right tackle. This season began with Barnes at right tackle, where he started the first four games. Now, according to media in attendance, Watson was not practicing for the second-straight day with an ankle injury, the Raiders appear to be back where we started once again.

Barnes had been filling in for the injured Gabe Jackson at left guard. Jackson returned last week from his knee injury to reclaim his starting left guard job. Barnes was on the sideline for just over a quarter before Watson went down with his ankle injury and it was back to work for Barnes at right tackle.

Barring a miraculous recovery, it appears Barnes will get the start at right tackle once again, where he was the full time starter for two full seasons (2011-12).

Barnes had a rough day last week in spot duty, but after a week of practice at his old position, he should be much better off. He was also facing one of the best pass rushing teams in the league in St Louis. The 49ers are not near as challenging in pass protection.