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Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers 2nd half open thread

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was a huge start for the Raiders defense from the very first play from scrimmage. Colin Kaepernick started off with the ball but that only lasted the one play. He bootlegged outside while under pressure and still tried to throw it down field. Bad decision by him as S Brandian Ross played it perfectly and intercepted the throw.

The Raiders offense came out excited after their defense came up with the big play. They had a nice first down run from Derek Carr followed up by another first down run by Marcel Reece. Unfortunately a dumb late hit penalty on Khalif Barnes put Oakland into a long 3rd down situation. They had to settle for a 57 yard field goal that Sebastian Janikowski booted through the uprights with no problems. The field goal made the score 3-0 Raiders to start out the game.

The 49ers offense came back on the field again and once again the Raiders defense was ready for them. Sio Moore burst through to the backfield and sacked Kaepernick on first down. They got them into a 3rd and 15 but the 49ers managed to convert it. The Oakland defense didn't deflate after the 1st down though, they held strong and forced San Fran to punt it after sacking Kaepernick on their next 3rd down attempt.

The Raiders 2nd play of their next possession seemed like a big play to Andre Holmes but a clear push off from Holmes resulted in an offensive pass interference penalty. A strong rush on Carr forced him to throw the next ball away (where he was very lucky not to get an intentional grounding penalty), and then the 3rd down play came up quite short so the Raiders had to punt.

The Niners wasted no time once their offense got on the field this time with the opening play of the drive being a 23 yard gain into Raiders territory to TE Vernon Davis. A couple of nice Frank Gore runs and a big 3rd down conversion had San Francisco at a 1st and goal from the 8 and from there they threw an easy TD to little used fullback Bruce Miller. The touchdown made the score 7-3 San Francisco.

Here is one of those points where the lesser team needs to respond to keep the game from getting out of control. That is exactly what they were able to do! They put together a 6+ minute 11 play, 71 yard drive for a TD to make it a 10-7 game with the Raiders leading. They got the TD on a 3rd and Goal play which featured LT Donald Penn being declared an eligible receiver and making a very nice low catch and getting his big body just over the goal line for the score.

The 49ers first play of the next drive was an extremely questionable defensive pass interference penalty on Tarell Brown that resulted in a 21 yard gain, and it was followed up by a 5 yard defensive holding penalty  (he did do that one) on D.J. Hayden. After just those two penalties the 49ers were already in Raiders territory. They almost got a spectacular TD on a beautiful long throw from Kaepernick but Boldin was just out of bounds. They settled for a 54 yard field goal which Phil Dawson made but a holding penalty on the 49ers took the points off the board and forced a punt instead.

The Raiders got near midfield but the drive stalled after Latavius Murray could not convert a 3rd and 1 run. The Marquette King punt was a beauty though that Oakland was able to down inside the 5. The Raiders were able to hold string and force a 3 and out, including a big sack by Antonio Smith with the help of Sio Moore and Miles Burris on 2nd down.

TJ Carrie returned the punt to the 49ers 47 yard line with just over 3 minutes in the half. Unfortunately the Raiders offense could not get anything at all going to take advantage of the great field position and had to punt again with just under 2 minutes in the half. Again it was a great punt though my King as it was downed at the 9 yard line.

San Francisco did manage to put some plays together on the Raiders defense. They had a big run from Colin Kaepernick and a tough catch from Anquan Boldin to get to midfield. Another big run by Kaepernick got the 49ers into field goal range with 10 seconds to go in the half. Phil Dawson kicked the 52 yard field goal attempt right down the middle to tie the game at 10 with 1 second left in the half. The Niners then swift kicked the kickoff to end the half.