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Sio Moore takes to Instagram to call Colin Kaepernick a "Freakin chump"

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I don't know what Colin Kaepernick did or said to Sio Moore during the game but afterward, Sio was still taking shots at the much criticized quarterback. Folliowing the game, Sio posted a picture on his instagram account with he and Kaepernick jawing at each other during the game with a caption that read "There's a difference between boys and men... Freakin chump".

There's a difference between boys and Men... Freakin chump

A photo posted by Sio Moore (@mroaktown55) on

Moore earned the right to be the one talking trash after this game in which Kaepernick had a 54.4 passer rating and was sacked five times. Sio wasn't credited with any of those sacks, though he got pressure on him once which resulted in a sack and had a tackle for loss.

Where Sio showed plenty of immaturity today was in his post game interview which sounded like something between Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch.

Sio said after the game over and over, "Thanks for coming out, drive safely, pay the toll, God bless." for what was counted at eight times. And that's all he said.

I guess he thought Instagram was the more appropriate place to do his talking.