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Raiders week 14 Ballers & Busters: Part two

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The Raiders 'Busters' for their week 14 game against the San Francisco 49ers

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Raiders won the coveted Battle of the Bay, but it wasn't perfect. The 49ers stayed in the into the third quarter and even retook the lead. This week's Busters had something to do with that.


Sio Moore

Sio seems to be dominating the news cycle since the game, which is interesting considering the game he had. He tackled Colin Kaepernick for a loss on his second play of the game and the rest of the day he was jawing with Kap, including in the tunnel at half time. Sio then toyed with the media after the game repeating the same line of nonsense "Have a good night, drive safely, pay your tolls" and then taking to Instagram to continue talking trash to Kap, calling him a "Freakin chump".

In the actual GAME, however, Sio was not cashing the checks his mouth was writing. In total Sio gave up six catches on six targets for 80 yards and a touchdown. And after that tackle for a loss on the second play he didn't have another tackle the rest of the day.

Right after that tackle for a loss of seven, he was blocked on a run to give those seven yards back. Then he missed a tackle on an 18-yard catch on 3rd and 15. The following drive, the 49ers scored a touchdown. Sio was blocked on an 11-yard run along the way and then didn't cover the tight end who was wide open for the touchdown from 8 yards out.

Late in the first half, the 49ers added a field goal to tie the game. The drive began with Sio giving up a catch and missing the tackle for 16 yards. The 49ers took the lead in the third quarter with Sio being blocked on an 11-yard run, out of position on a 7-yard catch and run, and blocked on the next play to allow the first down. Late in the fourth quarter, the 49ers drive began with Sio giving up a 22-yard catch.

This is two games now the Raiders have won in which the celebration afterward was tainted by talk of Sio's antics. Two weeks ago it was his sack dance late in the game that he took some 20 yards downfield and the Raiders were barely able to call for the timeout to keep from being penalized while he was putting on his one-man show for the crowd.

At least in that game, he made some plays. In this one he represented nearly half of Kaepernick's passing yards (174) and his only touchdown. Sio gets to talk because his team won. But with no thanks to him.

Miles Burris

Burris had two more tackles than Sio, but made plenty of mistakes of his own. Between the two of them, they represented almost every yard the 49ers had Sunday. Burris began the 49ers first touchdown drive by giving up a 23-yard catch. Next play he gave up a 5-yard run, followed by an 11-yard run.

On the 49ers drive to end the first half, Burris was out of position to allow Kaepernick to pick up 17 yards on a scramble. On their first drive of the third quarter he missed a tackle on a 9-yard run and was blocked on an 11-yard run.

The 49ers had one more good drive in the game he was blocked on a 5-yard run and gave up a 5-yard catch. Luckily the 49ers missed the field goal. In total Burris allowed 58 yards rushing which was more than half the 49ers total for the game (97).

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