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2014 Super Bowl commercial: The Muppets hijack Terry Crews and his Toyota Highlander

Toyota gets into the Super Bowl commercial action with Terry Crews and the Muppets. Crews plays an uptight square, riding along to some easy listening music when he sees a broken down motorist. He pulls over his Highlander and offers his assistance. Turns out it's the Muppet band. They all hop into the Highlander to the dismay of Crews.

They waste no time in turning off those lame tunes and rocking out Muppet style.A montage of driving into a bingo hall, going to a disco club, and having a day at the farm shows Crews coming out of his shell and turning into a regular party animal. Next thing you know, he's dancing shirtless in a parade.

Suddenly he's back in the driveway of his quiet suburban neighborhood, still shirtless (you're welcome, ladies) and tripping balls about his Muppet adventures. He catches the attention of his neighbor, Kermit THE Frog who is watering his front garden -- it aint easy keeping it green, you know.

Crews is most known as an action star but he's got some comedic chops to be certain. Add the Muppets and you've got a winner.