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2014 Super Bowl commercial: Table tennis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, a llama, and twins!

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Bud Light sets up a whole night in which they meet Ian Rappaport who they point out is not an actor and send him on a night he won't ever forget. He gets a new wardrobe and heads to a big party in a New York high rise that rivals something Stefon might say on Saturday Night Live.

This party has everything. Beautiful twin women everywhere, Don Cheadle with a llama named Lily, and Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed like Bjorn Borg who challenges Ian to a sudden death game of table tennis. Then the place opens up and it's a club with the band One Republic playing.

This whole thing is supposedly all coordinated moment to moment while Ian has no clue what will happen next. They're calling it "Ian up for whatever" and I guess you could say what happens falls into the category of "whatever".

All told the whole thing last 3:44 which, if the entire thing is played, would cost a LOT of scratch. Then again, it is Budweiser we're talking about here. They don't really hurt for funds.