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Tim Tebow kills it in T-Mobile "No contract" 2014 Super Bowl commercial

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Probably my favorite Super Bowl commercial comes from T-Mobile wireless featuring Tim Tebow. This commercial is utter perfection and the marketing team who came up with it deserves some kind of award. Tim Tebow doesn't have a contract. T-Mobile doesn't have a contract. And think of all the things you can do without a contract.

And who knew Tim Tebow could act? You'd think during all those years when he was actually an active NFL quarterback, we would have seen this. I guess Peyton Manning was taking all those jobs considering at one time you couldn't get through a commercial break without him all over it. And for Tebow, I guess it shows you what he can do when he's not under contract (see what I did there?).

Most Super Bowl commercials are a clever idea (or attempt to be) but are a real stretch to have anything to do with the actual product. I find myself remembering the funny commercial while forgetting what product it's advertising. It's like they find a great commercial idea that could be for most anything and spend the rest of the time figuring out how to make it about their product.

This commercial starts with the T-Mobile "no contract" idea and gets the goes from there so there should be no trouble figuring out who the company here is and what they're trying to tell you. Brilliant campaign. And I would be hard pressed to discover a commercial that will top it Sunday.