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Tim Brown denied by Pro Football Hall of Fame once again

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The seven finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2014 have been announced. There were five modern era inductees -- none of which were Tim Brown.

Those inductees are Walter Jones, Michael Strahan, Aenaes Williams, Derrick Brooks, and Andre Reed.

The Hall of Fame voters have a thing about not voting more than one player at certain positions in the same year. Wide receiver is one such position. And while we were focusing on Tim Brown versus first ballot finalist, Marvin Harrison, the voters looked to long time eligible Andre Reed instead.

Reed, like Harrison, was blessed with a Hall of Fame quarterback throwing him the ball his entire career. Reed had Jim Kelly, Harrison had Peyton Manning. That is not a luxury Tim Brown had. His quarterbacks made the Pro Bowl just five times in his career and four of those were Rich Gannon. The other was Jeff Hostetler.

Brown has now been a finalist and missed the cut five-straight years. He will once again go up against Marvin Harrison next year and we will have this conversation all over again.