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Full House reunion in Dannon Oikos 2014 Super Bowl commercial

John Stamos has been doing these Dannon Oikos greek yogurt commercials for a while now. Here is another pretty funny one that starts out looking fairly typical and has an unexpected ending.

He's back in this latest commercial which has a similar beginning with a twist ending. This time he is joined by his former Full House cast mates Dave Coulier and Bob Saget. Just when "Uncle Jesse" has cream his slacks with Oikos and was about to get the woman to drop his trousers, Coulier and Saget did the honors and left him hanging in his skivvies while they scrub the splooge off his pants.

Then there's this one where this woman sexually assaults Stamos on a plane.

Oh SURE, it's okay for a woman to do that to a man, but turn the tables and you get a knee in your back and "watch your head" on the way into the squad car. Not that I'd know anything about that.