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Raiders 2014 Free Agent Wishlist: Defensive tackle

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After a season with two starters on one-year deals, the Raiders are once again in need of a defensive tackle. They would be wise to bring back Pat Sims who had a career year at the left defensive tackle spot. But they can use an upgrade at right defensive tackle over Vance Walker and they have the money to do it via free agency. Here are the Raiders' most likely options set to hit free agency:

Arthur Jones 28 - Since earning the starting job midway through the 2012 season, this former fifth round pick has been one of the best defensive tackles in football. And he is only getting better. Since he took over as a starter, this 6-3, 301 pound defensive lineman has been among the best run stoppers among defensive linemen and offered a bit of pass rush as well with 8.5 sacks in 19 starts. He is primed to receive a nice long term contract from some team.

Tyson Jackson 28 - After a disastrous rookie season, the former third overall pick was written off as a bust. Since then he has slowly and quietly worked his way into a solid player. There is a good chance may simply not be the best fit at 3-4 defensive end where he has been playing in Kansas City. His sack stats have never been great but his run defense is quite good. A move to 3-tech defensive tackle could be just the thing he needs to take his play to the next level.

Randy Starks 30 - This 6-3, 312 pound defensive lineman has made the Pro Bowl at both defensive end and defensive tackle. If he hits free agency, he could very well be the top defensive tackle on the market. His addition would be an instant and tremendous upgrade to the defensive line. He could also step in at left defensive tackle if need be which allows for a lot of shuffling along the line in different sets.