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Say hello to the $44 Million dollar man, Mr. Rodger Goodell

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How much do you think the salary for the NFL Commisioner should be? It is a tough job that deserves to be paid significantly considering the amounts generated from the sport for both the athletes and the owners, but how much is too much?

$44.2 Million. That is how much is too much, while simultaneously being the amount that was paid to Mr. Roger Goodell for his services in 2012. To put this in perspective, the athlete who makes the most per year in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers, and he only makes half as much as the Commish does at $22 Million per year.

The argument can be made, and it may in fact be valid, that the NFL has prospered to never before heard of levels in the time that Roger has taken over. He has been the leader of the NFL during their most prosperous time and the owners believe him to have been worth every dime of what he was paid. Why wouldn't they, after all he was the catalyst in an owner friendly Collective Bargaining Agreement back in 2011.

Still, it is hard to believe that he is making double what any of the athletes that are on the field going through bone punishing hits on a daily basis make. The athletes already get paid extra-ordinate amounts, don't get me wrong here, but still they are the ones that are actually going through the pain and suffering to allow the people to make these boat loads of money. It is very hard to agree that the commissioner deserves to make double what the highest paid player made.

I guess when you are talking about a $10 Billion dollar a year business that is dominating TV ratings for even the worst games that are played it really shouldn't be a surprise that the guy running it is paid so much. This is just what supply and demand creates. Goodell runs an extremely high profit (deemed non profit for tax purposes some how) business for other extremely rich individuals and they believe he is worth it.

In this day and age these type of salaries are just going to continue to rise so this is just the new norm. Congrats to Mr. Goodell on a ridiculous salary. I wonder what the highest paid Oakland Raider thinks about this? That person in 2012 was Richard Seymour who made over $14M himself while not really providing that type of impact on the field so I guess that might just have been worse!