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Kory Sheets sees chance to start in Raiders "wide open" backfield

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Jeff Gross

When Kory Sheets won the Grey Cup MVP for the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders this season, he got the attention of a few NFL teams. One of which was the Indianapolis Colts who, like the Raiders, are in much need of help at running back. Indiana is also the home state of his alma mater, Purdue University, where he ran for the second most career yards in school history.

He had similar success in the CFL which gave him some options where he signed. He chose the Raiders for the uncertainty at the running back position. He appeared on Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game to talk about joining the Raiders.

"Up in Canada it was the perfect situation," said Sheets. "I was the starting guy, I didn't have to worry about a position, I probably could have retired there if I wanted to, but coming here it was wide open. [Darren] McFadden's not signed, [Rashad] Jennings' not signed, the other guy (Latavius Murray) is coming off injury so it was pretty much wide open."

"[The Raiders] didn't say anything about being the featured guy yet but they did say I had a chance to compete for a position inside the running backs so that's something I was looking for. The probability of actually starting was another thing I was hoping for. This is a perfect place for me. Oakland gave me the deal that I wanted and that I was looking for. I'm happy to be here and I'm a Raider now."