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Rashad Jennings would welcome Michael Sam as teammate "with open arms"

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Former University of Missouri defensive end and SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam, sparked plenty of controversy when he came out as gay last week prior to the NFL draft for which he is eligible. Since then, the media has been busy asking every NFL player, coach, owner, GM, and intern what their thoughts were on Sam and the idea of an openly gay player in the NFL.

Rashad Jennings is clearly getting tired of the inquiries and hoped to put the questions to rest by laying out his thoughts through his Facebook account Friday. Here is what he had to say:

"I've been asked by multiple reporters about my views regarding Michael Sam's announcement as a Believer," said Jennings. "This is not a football issue; this clearly is media coverage. We are in the business of playing football together... most players are not fixated about individuals conduct unless it's detrimental to the team."

"[I] would respect and welcome Sam with open arms just like any teammate. No matter the topic my job is to love. How you treat people who may not share a common interest as you, speaks volumes."

Well said by the always well-spoken Raiders running back.