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Poll: Which is the most important free agent for the Raiders to re-sign?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Raiders this year there really are three main free agents that effect the team the most on whether they are signed or not. Those three players are LT Jared Veldheer, DE Lamarr Houston, and RB Rashad Jennings. All three are players Oakland has stated they would like to re-sign, but none of the three have gotten contracts as of yet.

My question to you readers is this; Which one of these players is most important to re-sign?

Jared Veldheer is a franchise caliber LT and the entire line struggled for much of the time that he was missing this past season. When he returned the line was playing far more cohesively and it is hard not to associate a large part of that to having the Hulk back on the blind side. Another large part of that was the difference of having a scrambling QB in Terrelle Pryor (and a statue in Matt Flynn for one game) and having a QB making quick decisions like Matt McGloin did.

Lamarr Houston slowed down by the end of the year but he was the one player on defense that people pointed to as a playmaker. He had a team high 6 sacks this past season along with 2 forced fumbles. He was often the best pass rusher and the best run defender that the Raiders had on the roster for 2013.

Then there is the running back Rashad Jennings who took over for an injury riddled and ineffective Darren McFadden and showed the world that a running back in Oakland could still be productive. He was a capable player for the Raiders as a rusher, a receiver, and he even blocked 2 punts as a special teamer. He finished the year with 1,025 yards from scrimmage and 6 TD's, but 788 of those yards came after week 8.

It is a tough choice and hopefully the Raiders can keep all three of these talented players, but which one is the most important to re-sign? Vote in the poll and give us your opinion in the comments section to let us know what you readers think!