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Mike Mayock: Raiders have many draft needs, QB makes sense

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NFL Network draft analyst, Mike Mayock, was on his draft conference call today. He broached many subjects, and with the Raiders having the fifth pick, they came up as well. Here is what he had to say:

"Who makes the most sense is a quarterback if there's one there that they believe in and I don't think there's any doubt about that," said Mayock. "I was sitting here the other day looking at the Raiders' roster, and in big letters I wrote, "No.  5, quarterback," then "best player available."

"They have got to get the quarterback if possible and they do have so many needs that I think they can't get all locked into, oh, we have to get a wide out with the second round pick or we have to get an offensive lineman.

"I think they have got to go get football players, and I think you're 100 percent right that now the salary cap issue has changed, I think this is the most critical year for the Raiders in my memory, because they have kind of been through purgatory and now they have got to get out of there and they have to make great decisions on; A, re‑signing their own players; B, on signing new free agents; and then C, they have to come out of this draft preferably with the quarterback that they can develop and base their entire football team around."

As far as the quarterbacks he likes the best...