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NFL Draft 2014: Highlights of Mike Mayock conference call

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Each year, NFL draft geeks dial in to hang on every word in the Mike Mayock draft gospel. That conference call happened Tuesday and if you are interested in some of what he had to say, here are some of the highlights that may be of interest to you.

First off is his opinion of the overall draft class.

Then again, you may want to take that with a grain of salt.

Then we move to his opinion on the quarterbacks

Ok, enough with the quarterbacks. Let's move onto the other offensive skill position players.

Let's move to the defensive side of the ball. And we start with the pass rushers (of course).

Mayock: "I put in the tape against Ohio State and [Khalil Mack] blew them up. On the edge ... and he was dropping into coverage. Then, he had a one-handed interception against Kent State. He runs like a safety. ... "An elite edge guy is like gold. And he hustles. I have yet to find a hole in his game."

And a few takes on cornerbacks.