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Super Bowl Sunday pre-game open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

John Moore

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here. No more media days, and just a few more hours of lead up before the Broncos and Seahawks kick off.

The weather report in New York is better than it had once feared. Following the conference championship games, it was snowing on MetLife Stadium. Now the weather report is saying it should be a reasonable 40 degrees with no precipitation. Pretty good football weather, actually.

The party has been in Manhattan all week but today that party moves to East Rutherford for the actual game.

To make sure you are up to speed on the game, be sure and check out the Super Bowl XLVIII game guide for all the nuts and bolts. Also get ready for some of the great commercials by checking the best of the ones that have already been released.