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Super Bowl XLVIII Broncos vs Seahawks open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the Super Bowl XLVIII match-up between the Broncos and Seahawks from East Rutherford New Jersey.

Jeff Zelevansky

It's game time. The Broncos and Seahawks are on the field and in a few hours a Super Bowl champion will be crowned. It's the Broncos with their number one offense against the Seahawks' number one defense.

The interesting thing here is the sharp divide in the Bay Area as to who is rooting for whom. Raiders fans will be rooting for the hated rival Broncos to go down and 49ers fans will be rooting hard for the Broncos to shut up their hated rival Seahawks. This is especially true after that heated NFC championship game and Richard Sherman's rant immediately afterward. And for some Raiders fans, it's added incentive. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

This is also the two number one seeds in each conference facing off making it one of the most anticipated Super Bowls ever.

I hope you're stocked up on beer or soda or whatever you drink to wash down your pizza or chicken wings and/or chips or whatever you're chewing that isn't your fingernails. Cuz it's go time.

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