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Radio Shack "The 80s called" 2014 Super Bowl commercial full of awesomeness

Sometimes you can see something that is comfort food for the soul. That's what Radio Shack did during Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday. They poked fun at themselves while tossing in the most awesome mixture of '80s pop culture references you'll ever see.

Why, just the other day I heard someone say "That place was emptier than a Radio Shack. How does that place still exist?" Well, they must have been listening because they just kicked their own ass with a righteous riot of radical retro references that may just take the prize as best commercial.

We start with two pasty Radio Shack employees at the counter of an empty store. One geek answers the phone and says to the other "The '80s called. They want their store back." Then the cowbell of Loverboy's '80s hit "Working for the Weekend" ushers in the likes of Jason Vorhees, Hulk Hogan, Eric Estrada, and Cliff Claven who lead the revolt to dismantle the store.

Mary Lou Retton, Kid-N-Play, Devo, Alf, Teen Wolf, Twisted Sister, Slim Goodbody, and the California Raisins help loot the place while Chucky tears up the carpet. Then they all load up their Delorian and take off. Then Slimer shows up later to the party.

It's an '80s nostalgia-gasm. And who doesn't love that?