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Stephen Colbert in Wonderful Pistachio 2014 Super Bowl commercial

This is a compilation of both Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachio commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII. In them, Colbert uses his classic character from The Colbert Report along with the help of a pet Bald Eagle. But apparently just having him in the commercial wasn't enough in the first 15 second spot, so he returns for a second time to send it home.

In the second spot, the branding of Wonderful Pistachios is everywhere -- something Colbert loves because he is a big fan of product placement. He himself becomes that product placement and afterward there should be little doubt he will be able to say "The market has spoken." It's capitalism at its finest.

Colbert did a few more spots for the folks at Wonderful Pistachios. Here's another tasty spot for those who can't get enough Stephen Colbert. Here we go behind the scenes with Colbert where, among other things, he gives his Super Bowl prediction. Gotta watch until the end when he gets a knuckle/talon from his co-starring Bald Eagle.