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Doritos does it again with "Time Machine" 2014 Super Bowl commercial

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Each year Doritos holds a contest for film makers to submit commercials to run during the Super Bowl. And each year we realize sometimes amateur film makers can put together something better than about 95% of ad companies out there while probably spending a lot less to do it.

This year they had a couple great selections that ran during Super Bowl XLVIII. The one featured here is called "Time Machine" in which little Jimmy tricks a dude into thinking his refrigerator box is a time machine that runs on Doritos when really it's the kid with a mega phone kicking the side of the box. Oh, sorry; SPOILER ALERT!

The kid is run out of the yard by an old man and when the dude emerges from the box, he thinks the old man is Jimmy and they are in the future.

I like this one the best out of the two they ran. The other is called "Cowboy kid" and aside from simply playing the "everybody loved kids and dogs" thing, is just kind of alright as far as commercials go.

Kinda feel like I'd have to be high to really like it (not that I'd know what that was like). But here it is anyway:

The one kid tips the other kid's hat down? Really? That's all you could come up with? Wow, he completely immobilized that kid with such a brilliantly vicious and indefensible move. This one is clearly all about the visual of the kid riding the dog.