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College Football National Signing Day 2014: Current Raiders college recruit star rating

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Matthew Stockman

One of the bigger days in college football is national signing day. It's the equivalent to draft day for the NFL. And nearly every NFL player had their day when they officially chose their college as a high school or junior college recruit. In honor of that day, here's a look back at the recruit rating of several current Raiders players.

If a player is not listed here it's because they were not given a star rating coming out of high school.

Player Pos College Star recruit
McFadden, Darren RB Arkansas 5
Pryor, Terrelle QB Ohio State 5
Butler, Brice WR USC 4
Ford, Jacoby WR Clemson 4
Houston, Lamarr DE Texas 4
Kasa, Nick DE Colorado 4
McGee, Stacy DT Oklahoma 4
Nix, Lucas G Pittsburgh 4
Reece, Marcel WR Washington 4
Sims, Pat DT Auburn 4
Wisniewski, Stefen OG Penn State 4
Ausberry, David WR USC 4
Maiava, Kaluka LB USC 4
Burris, Miles OLB San Diego State 3
Casey, Chance CB Baylor 3
Chekwa, Chimdi CB Ohio State 3
Crawford, Jack DE Penn State 3
Jenkins, Greg WR Alabama State 3
Jenkins, Mike CB South Florida 3
Moore, Denarius WR Tennessee 3
Rivera, Mychal TE Tennessee 3
Stewart, Jeremy RB Stanford 3
Watson, Menelik T Florida State 3
Bergstrom, Tony OG Utah 3
Criner, Juron WR Arizona 3
Hayden, DJ CB Houston 3
Murray, Latavius RB Central Florida 3
Jennings, Rashad RB Liberty 2
Johnson, Shelton S Wisconsin 2
Lumpkin, Ricky DT Kentucky 2
Mastrud, Jeron TE Kansas State 2
McCants, Matt T Alabama-Birmingham 2
Moore, Sio LB Connecticut 2
Olawale, Jamize FB North Texas 2
Robinson, Ryan DE Oklahoma State 2
Streater, Rod WR Temple 2
Walker, Vance DT Georgia Tech 2
Branch, Tyvon SS Connecticut 2
Young, Usama FS Kent State 2