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Rodger Saffold signs with Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders wasted no time in officially signing former Rams offensive tackle Rodger Saffold. No sooner did the clock strike the new league year but the deal was done. They knew Jared Veldheer was gone to join the Cardinals and made sure they had a replacement before the feces hit the rotary air circulating device.

The four-year offensive tackle was considered the best of what was left on the market at tackle after Branden Albert headed to Miami, Jared Veldheer went to Arizona, and Eugene Monroe was said to be re-signing with the Ravens.

The four-year pro has missed 17 games with injury over that time and has played just one complete season. He was switched to right tackle and then right guard last season as the Rams had moved on from him.

Saffold received a reported 5-year, $42.5 million contract from the Raiders, $21 million of which is guaranteed. That's a salary of $8.5 million per season.