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Rashad Jennings switches coasts, signing with the New York Giants

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And another one's gone and another one's gone. Another one bites the dust!

Thearon W. Henderson

Rashad Jennings and the Raiders were a perfect match, but only for one season. It is yet another player that most of us had marked as a key free agent for the Raiders that Reggie McKenzie has not decided to re-sign, Lamarr Houston and Jared Veldheer being the other two. Instead Rashad has confirmed on Twitter that he will be switching coasts and signing with the NY Giants.

Rashad was just in Oakland for one year, but he was a big contributor on a team that didn't have many bright spots. Jennings was not used much in the first half of the season but the second half of the season he was the Raiders main running threat. He accumulated season totals of 733 yards rushing and 292 yards receiving with 6 TD's along with 2 blocked punts on special teams.

His overall numbers are nothing too spectacular but almost all of his stats came after Week 8. He only had 140 yards rushing and 97 yards receiving in the first half of the year, all of the rest of his stats came in the second half of the season including all 6 TD's.

Many people had Jennings pegged as the starting running back for next year with Darren McFadden leaving for greener pastures but it appears the opposite has come to fruition. Hopefully Darren can get back to the running back he looked like he was going to become because if not then this move makes absolutely no sense at all.

Good luck to Rashad in New York. He should have still been a Raider but the powers at be had different plans. Hopefully they work out because right now losing a bunch of key players to this Raiders team is feeling like a punch in the stomach more than a blessing.