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Lamarr Houston "doing everything in [his] power" to keep Henry Melton from signing with Raiders

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The Raiders have several defensive linemen visiting today. One of them is defensive tackle, Henry Melton. But Lamarr Houston is making a pitch to Melton not to leave the Bears, where Houston just signed as a free agent.

You see, Houston and Melton played together for three years at Texas and became best friends and he would very much like to play alongside him in Chicago. That won't happen if Melton signs with the Raiders upon his visit Wednesday.

"He's my best friend," Houston said in an interview with the Boers and Bernstein Show. "I'm doing everything in my power to try and get him back here so I can play next to him too ... I wish him the best of luck in his process."

So, it seems if the Raiders had kept Houston, he would be using "everything in [his] power" to convince Melton to come play alongside him in Oakland. They might even get him at a bit of a discount, all things considered. Such is the way.