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Rodger Saffold deal with Raiders voided for failed physical

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For those who were wondering why the Austin Howard deal was announced before the Rodger Saffold deal, it's because Saffold's deal fell through. The team announced the move Wednesday evening a few hours following the Howard announcement. He had signed a reported 5-year, $42.5 million deal but it was voided due to a failed physical.

The Raiders should have known what they were getting into considering Saffold has missed 17 games over his four seasons in the league and has finished a complete season just once.

Saffold was rated as one of the most talented offensive linemen on the market but his injuries were always the concern.

He was supposed to be the replacement for the loss of left tackle Jared Veldheer who the Raiders made no serious attempts to re-sign and left to sign a 5-year, $35 million contract with the Cardinals.

Austin Howard is pegged for right tackle. Saffold was to make left tackle money but there were some who wondered if he might be pegged for guard instead. At this moment the left tackle and left guard spots are up for grabs.

Following the news, Adam Schefter tweeted that Saffold will now re-sign with the Rams on a 5-year deal:

Back to the drawing board.